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[[Category:Software Section]]
[[Category:Software Section]]
[[HPC Installed Software]]
See: [[HPC Installed Software]]
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This wiki section is for information on software used for research and/or run on the HPC system at UW. It is designed for short examples, tips, best practices, and information on running the software on Teton, and is not intended to be a full reference guide. Many examples here are submitted by users of the HPC systems at UW.


ARCC Tools

Tool Name Default Version Module Load Command Tool Description
arccjobs 1.0 automatic Prints a table showing active projects and jobs
arccinfo 1.0 automatic Prints information about a user
pestat automatic Prints a nodes list with allocated jobs
showpartitions automatic Prints a partition list with node information

Installed Application Software

See: HPC Installed Software

Application Software Default Version Software Description Vendor Website
R multiple Open source statistics package R-Project
RStudio connect 1.7.6-6 Publish and distribute data products across your organization. One button deployment of Shiny applications, R Markdown reports, Jupyter Notebooks, and more. RStudio
Python  ? Interpreted programming language Python

Officially Supported Libraries and Drivers

Library Name Default Version Software Description Vendor Website
Intel MKL 2018.2.199 Intel Math kernel libraries http://intel.com
Nvidia CUDA 9.0.176, 9.1.85, 9.2.88 NVIDIA library and compiler for using GPUs http:/nvidia.com
Nvidia Driver 418.67 NVIDIA Driver currently used for GPUs http:/nvidia.com
BLAS  ?  ?  ?
FFTW  ?  ?  ?
HDF5  ?  ?  ?

Officially Support Tools

Tool Name Default Version Software Description
Intel Compiler Suite Multiple Versions Suite of compilers, libraries and debuggers
PGI Compiler Suite Multiple Versions Suite of compilers, with CUDA support
Allinea Debugger Multiple Versions Parallel Debugger

Use the "module spider" command to see what versions are available.