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This wiki is intended to be a collaborative effort and as such allows anyone with a UWYO account to edit content. Please consider your actions. It is intended to share information and best practices related to research computing among researchers and students. See How to login and the User's Guide for more information.

UW Research Computing Environment

  • ARCC maintains an HPC cluster for research computing, named Teton ( All UW researchers can have an account on the system and requests for accounts can be completed online. Faculty are encouraged to seek funding to add capacity to this system, but this is not a prerequisite for its use. The research office provides annual funding to add capacity and replace any outdated hardware.
  • The previous HPC cluster was named Mount Moran and was used with the storage system called Bighorn. The migration from Mount Moran to Teton is complete. Any research projects that still have data on Bighorn will need to migrate it off. The login nodes for Mount Moran — and Bighorn Globus endpoint — will be available to access Bighorn storage until the end of 2018. The storage can also be accessed from Teton login nodes, but as a read-only filesystem to encourage the movement of data from Bighorn to the new Teton storage.
  • ARCC also maintains a more general research storage system called the petaLibrary, and various tools for facilitating storage and transfer of data.

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