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The BASH (Bash, bash) or Bourne-Again SHell is the default shell on ARCC HPC resources. The bash shell is very robust, well documented, and full featured. Bash can be a little uneasy for those unfamiliar with the shell. This page contains some external links and quick information for the ARCC HPC installed versions such as startup files and basic features. ARCC recommends the use of bash as that is the default shell across many Linux, BSD, and MacOS systems. For detailed information, consult the man page for the bash command.

Startup / Exit Files

The bash shell has access to many startup files, but only some are read based on the method that the terminal is invoked. Prefixes below with a ~ represent the $HOME directory.

File Order Which Shell Type Notes
~/.bash_profile 1 Interactive login shell Red Hat Note
~/.bash_login 2 Interactive login shell Doesn't exists usually
~/.profile 3 Interactive login shell More used when sh invoked
~/.bashrc 1 Interactive shell Red Hat Note

Red Hat Note - Red Hat implementation: ~/.bash_profile sources ~/.bashrc which then sources /etc/bashrc. From this logic, it is wise to make edits to the ~/.bashrc file and make sure to not remove the portion that sources the /etc/bashrc.

Environment Variables




Extra Resources