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petaLibrary Policies

Backup and Archive

Data Protection/Backups Policy:

  • Any new or recently changed data are protected by the petaLibrary on a daily basis. Data that meet the criteria in our archiving policy (see below) are placed into an online read-only archive. However, data that do not meet these criteria are copied into onsite storage with up to 16 recoverable versions.
  • Backups on the petaLibrary are running 24/7. New or recently changed files will be backed up within 24 hours.

Archiving Policy:

Data that have not been accessed for three (3) months AND have not been modified in one (1) year will be made read-only, compressed, and sent to Tier2 (archive) storage. Additionally, two (2) copies of these 'archived' data are retained for fault tolerance purposes. Thereafter, any data that are modified or read will be reconstituted to Teir1 (primary) storage until they once again meet the criteria in this archiving policy.


Groups, departments, or researchers can request access for several projects, but it will be up to the Research Office and ARCC to determine acceptable allocations of the petaLibrary.

Citing the petaLibrary

A requirement of all allocations and use of computing resources managed by ARCC , including the petaLibrary, is to acknowledge ARCC support for your research. Our ability to identify supported scientific results helps ensure continued support from the State of Wyoming, federal agencies and other sources for future HPC/HPS systems. Acknowledgement Policy

For projects on the petaLibrary

Citation formats. We request that you cite your use of the petaLibrary system with the following citation format, based on the source of your allocation and modified as needed to conform with citation style guidelines. Most important, please include the Archival Resource Key (ARK) — (similar to a DOI) that is unique to the petaLibrary.


Advanced Research Computing Center. 2016. petLibrary: DDN GridScaler 7K, DDN WOS 7K. Laramie, WY: University of Wyoming.

ARCC Resources

For reference, the ARKs/DOIs for other ARCC resources can be found at the ARCC Acknowledgement Policy.