PetaLibrary connection

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Connecting to the petaLibrary

Requesting Access

To request a storage allocation on the petaLibrary, the Principle Investigator of a research project will fill out the petaLibrary Access Request form.

Getting Connected

SMB (Linux, Mac OS, Windows): Using standard tools the petaLibrary can be accessed from any of the three primary OS families:

Server Address:Path:
Linux and OS X:smb://

RHEL 7, and Ubuntu 16.04/10 Linux users will need to add the following lines to the Global section of the /etc/samba/smb.conf file:

client max protocol = SMB3

Note: RHEL 6 is currently unable to connect to the petaLibrary. ARCC is working on a solution.


The Globus endpoint name for the petaLibrary is "ARCC petaLibrary".