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All UW researchers can have an account on the HPC system Mount Moran, which includes use of its storage system Bighorn. Requests for accounts can be completed online. Faculty are encouraged to seek funding to add capacity to this system, but this is not a prerequisite for its use.

Logging in to Mount Moran

Accessing with SSH

Mount Moran utilizes Secure SHell (SSH) for access to the system. The accounts that Mount Moran utilizes, are specific to the machine. To request access to the machine, then please fill out the form at ARCC access request form. Access can be started with one of the following commands:

ssh -l USERNAME mtmoran.uwyo.edu
ssh -Y -l USERNAME mtmoran.uwyo.edu                          #For secure forwarding of X11 displays
ssh -X -l USERNAME mtmoran.uwyo.edu                          #For forwarding of X11 displays

Once the connection has been established, a standard Linux shell will be available to edit files (File Editors), compile software (Compilers), and submit jobs (Job Submission) to the compute resources.

Usage of Login Nodes

The Mount Moran login nodes are nodes that are designed to be used for editing source codes, compiling software, and submitting jobs. The nodes are not designed for data visualization, pre-processing routines, or post-processing routines. Please be courteous of other uses and not over-utilize the nodes with the previously mentioned tasks.

Client Side SSH Multiplexing

ARCC has been using two-factor (2FA) authentication to access services over the SSH protocol including SSH, SFTP, SCP, and Rsync. Leveraging multiplexing on the open connection is simple and configured on a per user basis from the client machine (laptop, workstation, etc.). On MacOS and Linux, editing the file, ~/.ssh/config, for Mount Moran is quite simple. With SSH multiplexing enabled, you can use the an already established SSH connection an additional session and reduced the number of 2FA authenications required when using the file transfer mechanisms in when working with small files. However, transfer of large files should be done via Globus. To enable SSH multiplexing add the following to the configuration file and make sure the octal permissions on the file are 644 (or more restrictive, e.g., 600):

Host mtmoran.uwyo.edu mtmoran
  Hostname mtmoran.uwyo.edu
  controlmaster auto
  controlpath ~/.ssh/ssh-%r@%h:%p

You can find more details about SSH client options by reading the man page for ssh_config

Using Mount Moran

Add info on:

  • How to extend current hardware through purchases of compute nodes or storage hardware
  • UW networking topology with respect to research computing