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There are different ways that software modules can be installed on HPC clusters, including modules that are available to everyone and modules that are available to a specific project or user. Knowing how wide the expected usage is, and the complexity, dependencies and restrictions of the software can help to determine the best way to install it.

If there is some software that you would like to run on the cluster, please follow the process below.

Before requesting a software installation, please consider the following:

Is the software already installed on the cluster?

Search the installed modules for the software using Searching for modules.

Consider utility and complexity

Are you the only user of this software?

Will it be used by team members in your project?

How complex or difficult is this software to install?

  • Software that is complex, conflicts with other packages, or has several dependencies may require extra effort. These types of software are excellent candidates for using miniConda or Singularity. If you are unsure, or have complex software, contact us.

Install your own software

  1. Obtain software website and installation instructions
  2. Determine required dependencies, they may already be modules installed on the cluster
  3. Determine if home or project directory install is appropriate
  4. Consider using miniConda or Singularity to create a sandboxed software environment:
  5. Consider possible restrictions on installing the software. Not all software is allowed or compatible on the cluster. If you are unsure, contact us.

Cluster Software Request Form

If the aforementioned methods are not viable, or the software will be widely used on the cluster, ask ARCC for help by completing the General Software Request form.