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Teton hosts several compiler collections. To utilize a compiler in any of these sets, one must utilize the module command to augment the environment to load the appropriate compiler set. To compile code that requires the utilization of the message passing interface (MPI), an MPI wrapper needs to be utilized — please see MPI Compiling.

Each of the following collections includes C, C++ and Fortran compilers. A list of the compilers in each of these collections is given below.

Teton Compilers

Intel compiler collection

The Intel compilers are the preferred choice for compiling on Teton. This is because the compute nodes utilize Intel processors. Intel software often can optimize more for their own processing units better than other compilers, but that is not always the case or you may have specific reasons to utilize other compilers.

Command Explanation
icc Intel C Compiler
icpc Intel C++ Compiler
ifort Intel Fortran Compiler

You can use the "module spider intel" to see what versions of the compiler are avaiable.

GNU Compiler Collection

The GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) is a set of compilers which is open source and often found as part of any base Linux system for research computing. The following table shows the commands for compiling C, C++, and Fortran on Teton.

Command Explanation
gcc GNU C compiler
g++ GNU C++ compiler
gfortran GNU Fortran compiler

You can use the "module spider gcc" to see what versions of the compiler are avaiable.

PGI Compilers

The PGI compilers are developed by the Portland Group and concentrate on providing full featured compilers for several environments. PGI compilers also have extensions for additional programming practices such as OpenACC.

Command Explanation
pgcc PGI C compiler
pgCC PGI C++ Compiler
pgfortran PGI Fortran Compiler
pgf77 PGI Fortran 77 Compiler

Currently not installed on Teton. If you need this compiler please request that it be installed.