Acknowledgement Policy

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A requirement of all allocations and use of ARCC resources is to acknowledge ARCC and UW support for your research. Our ability to identify supported scientific results helps ensure continued support from the State of Wyoming, federal agencies and other sources for future HPC/HPS systems.

Acknowledgement Policy

Annual reporting

  • At the end of each academic year, ARCC requires an accomplishment report from each PI containing:
    • The research results (in laymen terms supported by graphs, images, or videos produced) obtained using ARCC resources,
    • A list of scientific publications that resulted from this research,
    • The names, affiliations of graduate students who used ARCC resources, and
    • The title, author, and relevant citation data for any theses or dissertations produced using ARCC computational resources.
  • A PI's subsequent allocations may be delayed pending compliance with these reporting requirements.